IFRS course in Chennai old

International Financial Reporting Standards course in Chennai

IFRS course in Chennai

The Acca DIP IFR is an IFRS Qualification Established by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) the Leading International Organisation involved in the development of IFRS. Horizon Global Education is one of leading training institute for IFRS course in Chennai.

Dip IFRS course in Chennai syllabus:

Dip IFRS Syllabus aims to Advance the Knowledge, Understanding, and Application of IFRS and Pertinent Concepts and Principles. IFRS Syllabus Content (Key Areas of the Syllabus):-

  1. International Sources of Authority.
  2. Preparation of Financial Statements and Additional Disclosures.
  3. Elements of Financial Statements
  4. Preparation of Extend financial reports for Combined entities, Associates, and joint Arrangements.

Targeting audience for Dip IFRS course:

Dip IFRS is designed for Finance and Accounting Professionals Who wish to Acquire skills in Reporting Under IFRS and become Certified ACCA Professionals.

IFRS course fees details:

The IFRS Course Programme Cost Covers:

  1. 80 Academic hours of Classes
  2. Comprehensive Proprietary Study Materials developed by Global Methodologists.
  3. Comprehensive Question bank with Solutions.
  4. Mock Tests
  5. Interactive Support From the teacher.
  6. Administrative Support for Exam Registration.

Eligibility for Dip IFRS Course:-

To Qualify for the DipIFR Exam you must be a Professional or Auditor who works in Practice or Business and is Qualified according to National Accounting Standards. Non-Qualified? You are also If you have 3 Years Reasoning Accounting Experience. A Relevant Degree Plus 2 Years of Work Experience an ACCA Certificate in International Financial Reporting Plus 2 Years of Work Experience.

Examination Structure:-

No of Marks Section-A Consolidation Questions – 40 Section-B Scenario Questions – 60 20 Marks Each – 100 To Be Awarded the DipIFR the Candidate must pass a Single three hours Written Exam (pass Mark is 50%) the Exam can take June and December at any of ACCA’S A Over 350 Exam centers around the Globe. How to Register Dip IFRS course:- Registration for the exam is done Directly with the ACCA  visit www.accaglobal.com to register. Registration can be done at any time though in order to site a Particulars set of Exams you must Register by the following deadlines. December IFRS Exams – Register Before October June IFRS Exams – Register Before April IFRS course exam fees:- The IFRS Examination is $185. This Allow One Exam Attempt.

IFRS Course Details

IFRS Course details - Chennai - Horizon
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