U.S CPA course in Chennai

The Certified Public Accountant course in Chennai

U.S CPA course in Chennai

The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) course in Chennai Credential is administered by American Institute of Certified Public Accountant (AICPA) the World’s Largest Member Association Representing the Accounting Profession with More than 412000 Members in 144 Countries.

CPA is the highest Standard of Competence in the field Accountancy Across Globe. CPA’s are the Trusted financial Adviser and helps Individuals Businesses and Other Organizations Plan and Reach these Financial Goals.

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Why Becker U.S CPA course in Chennai?

Becker’s Immersive Exam Preparation Designed to leave nothing to chance on Exam Day.

The Becker U.S CPA course exam day advantage :

                    Becker Exam Day method is one of the huge advantages for the students with clear study material and training system. Also, by this Becker Exam Day method, Students will get good practice for their live CPA Exam. By the Concept of Exam learning Environment it Promotes the Focused Preparation in Every step of the way, so you can own your skills.

Becker in on the Top of the Table of all over the U.S CPA Institute in Especially for exam preparations for 60 years. Also, helping one Million candidates to prepare for U.S CPA Exam by providing a dynamic, personalized and efficient review.

Becker Candidates has one of the major advantages, According to the latest research, Becker students have Double the chance to pass the Exam when compared to non-Becker Students.

The U.S CPA course exam format

The CPA Exam will be conducted in a Computer Based Test method and it consists of Four Sections.

Currently, The U.S CPA Exam is Administered by the AICPA,

U.S CPA course subjects:-

  • AUDITING and ATTESTATION (AUD) 4 – Hours Paper (72 Questions MCQ and 8 Task-Based Simulations).
  • BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT and CONCEPTS (BEC) 4 – Hours Paper (62 Questions MCQ and 4 Task-Based Simulations and 3 Written Communications Tasks).
  • FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING and REPORTING (FARE) 4 – Hours Paper (66 Questions MCQ and 8 Task-Based Simulations).
  • REGULATION (REG) – 4 – Hours Paper (76 Questions MCQ and 8 Task-Based Simulations).

You Can take Each Part in any Order as long as You Complete all 4 Papers within 18 Months.

The CPA Exam Consists Of the Following Testing Components:-

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Task Based Simulations.

Written Communications Tasks:-

Under the Business Environment and Concepts Exam, Students need to respond to the  scenario based Questions on the topics outlined in the CSOs  by two methods, one is by memo format or another one is by Letter format

Subjects MCQ Task-Based Written
Auditing and Alteration (AUD) 50% 50%  
Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) 50% 35% 15%
Financial Accounting and Reporting (FARE) 50% 50%  
Regulation (REG) 50% 50%

Becker U.S CPA Exam Review includes:-

Guidance from Experienced Knowledge instructors.

  • 100 Hours of Instruction from Qualified CPA’s
  • Unlimited Academic Support.

Fully Integrated Materials for all Study formats:-

  • Over 6000 Multiple Choice Questions.
  • Over 300 Tasks Based Simulations.
  • Adapt to You Learning Technology.
  • Interactive Skills Practice.
  • Two Mock Exams Per Section.
  • Comprehensive Text Books and E-Books
  • Modularized Content.
  • Interactive Study Planner.
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