U.S CMA Course in Chennai

The U.S Certified Management Accountant course in Chennai

U.S CMA Course in Chennai

Welcome to the U.S CMA Program! The Institute of Management Accountant (IMA) is named to Excellence within the Management Accounting Profession. The U.S Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Course was Introduced at 1972 to provide a method of measuring knowledge of an Individuals in the Management Accounting, Only the Certified Management Accountant(CMA) program Recognizes the Designation that required for success in changing in the accounting profession.

The U.S CMA Course in Chennai has been designed to mean the Evolving Needs of Business – Today and Tomorrow. We are ready to help you to Achieve this Professional certification and you will get Confirm your Proficiency in your chosen field and your dedication to Personal and Professional Growth from our training.

The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Credential is administered by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants. The Worldwide Association of Accountants and Finance Professions in Business.

U.S CMA Course Examination:-

Part 1:

  • Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Control (4 hours)
  • 100 Multiple Choice Quotations and 2-30mins Essay Quotations)

Part 2:

  • Financial Decision Making – 4 Hours
  • 100  Multiple Choice Quotations and 2-30mins Essay Quotations)

U.S CMA Course Exam Details:-


Part 1 – Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Control

Exam Weight:

  1. External Financial Reporting Decisions – 15%
  2. Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting – 30%
  3. Performance Management – 20%
  4. Cost Management – 20%
  5. Eternal Control – 15%

Part 2 – Financial Decision making:-

  1. Financial Statement Analysis – 25%
  2. Corporate Finance – 28%
  3. Decision Analysis – 20%
  4. Risk Management – 10%
  5. Investment Decision – 15%
  6. Professional Ethics – 10%

Salary Survey:-

According to the IMA US Salary Survey, CMA holders in the United States reported an average annual salary of $115,952

U.S CMA Course Fees for Student:-

1. CMA Entrance fee (Non-Refundable) – $188

Exam Fee – $311 Per Part

2. CMA Entrance Fee for Professionals – $250

Exam Fee – $415 Per Part

U.S CMA Opens New Doors:-

Some of the titles that CMA’S Hold:- Cost Accountant, Internal Auditor, Staff Accountant, Budget Analysis, Financial Analysis, Vice President of Finance, Senior Accountant, Finance Manager Controller, Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer.

U.S CMA course details

U.S CMA Course details - chennai - Horizon

U.S CMA course Google reviews

1. Mahesh Madusudanan:

Horizon google review

My favorite institute for U.S CMA course! I have a very long association with this institute. What makes it stand out of others is the methodology of teaching. If you have attended the live classes for these courses in any other institute, you would have noticed there will be just a video presentation going on in the background and the students will be just highlighting the text books. As for me, this never worked. So, in horizon there is a real instructor who teach us the concepts the Indian way! I’m sure you will never experience this type of classes in Chennai city. Mr Udaya kumar who is teaching U.S CMA (all parts) and some parts of CPA classes is an outstanding faculty with years of teaching experience. He explains each and every concept thoroughly so that even an average student could understand. I see horizon and Mr Udaya kumar a partner of my career’s success. Am excited to sit and pass my U.S CMA exams in the next window. I highly recommend this institute. You will never regret the decision of choosing horizon as your coaching institute!!

2. Poorvaj Subbhu:

Horizon google review

It was a very good experience .. they have the best costing tutor .. he solves all our doubts and they are all very friendly and helpful !!! Feel good to be a part of this institute .. whoever has the idea of doing  U.S CMA can prefer this institute.

3. Kannan Babu:

Horizon google review

The best place for U.S CMA classes in Chennai. Experienced faculty in addition to wonderful classroom facilities & materials make this institute stand out from others.

4. Anand Badhbanabhan:

Horizon google review

The Best place in Chennai for  U.S CMA course. Very friendly approach and right level of guidance from Bonita from the day of enrollment until you write the exams. Excellent class room facilities and faculties especially Mr Kumar. Should not miss his classes.

5. Nithyashree Ganesh:

Horizon google review

It’s a great place to learn Professional Courses like U.S CMA in Chennai. Good coaching and mentoring. The study materials and software are really helpful for preparing for the exam. Overall, a good place for learning.

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